We are developing a unique technology to solve the two main problems of today cultivated meat industry: how to scale-up ? how to create meat with the right taste and texture ?

Our process is based on bioactive and edible (food grade) biomaterial. It’s made with a complete green chemistry process with only natural and animal free compounds. Our biomaterial is well adapted to cell growth and allows us to increase the cells amplification and the cells density in bioreactors.

As our biomaterial is bioactive we can incorporate natural protein inside and dramatically reduce the quantity of culture medium needed and the associated costs. As we work in food grade conditions, no need of antibiotic!

Our biomaterial is edible so we don’t need to separate cells from it at the end of the production process (no separation or washing step). It is more easier and less costly to produce cultivated meat.

Our biomaterial is versatile and allows us to create scaffold in different sizes. Large size scaffold is usable at the end of the production process to “stimulate” muscles cells (mechanically and electrically) to reproduce the very structure of meat.