Cultivated meat is basically meat produced directly from cells and not coming from animal. The biological process is the same as in a living animal but it occurs in a bioreactor, in aseptic conditions. There is no need of GMO or antibiotics and, of course, no animal are killed in the process.

Cultivated meat is a quite new domain, with the first cultivated burger presented by Pr Mark Post (Maastricht University) in 2013 and the first dedicated company (Upside Foods) created in 2016. The first product on the market was presented in 2019 by JUST Foods in Singapore.

We chose to work in this domain because, compare to all other alternative proteins possibilities, we believe it’s the key to building a more sustainable food system :

  • With cultivated meat we offer meat with nutritional values identical to livestock meat.
  • We are able to work on every type of meat and choose for example the market with the biggest demand. The production process is more efficient than livestock.
  • The environmental impact of cultivated meat need more research but preliminary studies shows a factor 10 in reducing environmental pressure.
  • We don’t use GMO or antibiotic in the process. Cell culture will be done in aseptic conditions.
  • Of course, no animal will be killed in the process.
  • As a benefit, we will be able to produce different nutritional profiles, with for example less fat or more unsaturated fat. It will be an opportunity to address specific diets with high added value.

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