To ban cultivated meat is not a way to face environmental problems

The Italian government is considering a ban of cultivated meat, while many others countries to understand how this new way to produce proteins could help to fight climate change. In a recent article, researchers in the field argue that cultivated meat production is safe, environmentally friendly, and involves a process that avoids antibiotics and common contaminants found in conventional meat. In fact, cultivated meat could potentially be healthier due to the ability to control cell growth and nutrient supply, leading to lower saturated fats and higher antioxidants. Recent life cycle assessments indicate that cultivated meat could have up to a 90% lower environmental impact compared to traditional meats by 2030. While initial acceptance of cultivated meat may be slow, studies show that 54% of Italians are willing to give it a try.

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As a cultivated meat startup, we wholeheartedly support the information and arguments presented in this text. Our mission is to contribute to global food security and sustainability by developing safe, nutritious, and environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional meat. We believe that cultivated meat holds immense potential as a solution to some of the most pressing challenges facing our food system today.

We are committed to fostering innovation in this field and hope that the Italian government will reconsider its position on cultivated meat, allowing the industry to flourish without being hindered by shortsighted restrictions. By supporting the research and development of cultivated meat technologies, we can collectively work towards a more sustainable and ethical future for food production.

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