Understanding the Importance of Nomenclature in the Cultivated Meat Industry

The emergence of the cultivated meat industry brings us to the brink of a new era in food consumption. As we move forward, one of the key questions that this emerging sector faces is: what do we call this new product? The answer to this question might seem trivial, but it is, in fact, an issue of great significance. The choice of terminology can shape consumer perceptions, influence adoption rates, and ultimately determine the success of the product in the marketplace.

In a recent article from Foodnavigator Asia, the author explains that the term “cultivated meat” is the most accepted by companies and representative organizations. The term is viewed as both scientifically accurate and effective at generating positive responses from consumers. Importantly, it clearly distinguishes foods that are cultivated from animal cells from other existing products in the marketplace. However, there is no global consensus on the terminology. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) prefer the term “cell-based food,” which they argue is less confusing, conveniently overarching, and generally also well-accepted by consumers.

The complexities do not end there. Cultural variations and religious considerations could complicate the adoption of certain terms. Hybrid products (which are composed by meat and plant) need also a specific denomination, as all fermentation final products !

All these factors underscore the importance of finding a commonly accepted term that is transparent, scientifically accurate, and consumer-friendly. Such harmonization could assist consumers in understanding the products and processes, and create a common search term for further information.

At FUDZS, we support the use of “cultivated meat” for our future 100% pure meat products. As explained by Carrie Chan (CEO of Avant Meats) in the article, it’s clear, and it gives a better understanding of production methods.

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